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It’s just dawned on me that I should really give you a little background on who it is that teaches these Photography & Lighting Workshops. I’m Paul White and i’ve been a photographer for hmmmmmm… Years actually. About 20 if you include assisting and working in London studios. Well, I say ‘assisting’ in the studios. It wasn’t really photography related, except that there was a ton of equipment at my disposal, all of which was hired out to visiting photographers.

Day-to-day, I was responsible (along with a team of other ‘assistants’) for the running, upkeep, cleaning, equipping, organising and booking of 11 studios. Eleven! Every day once the crew had finished shooting we’d buzz around getting the place looking pristine for the next days shoot. Most days we were there at 8am and wouldn’t finish until 10 or 11 at night. Oh, we’d finish the clean-up by about 9pm, but then we’d set up some equipment, get the cameras out and raid the supply of polaroid stocked in the fridge. Polaroid. That ages me…

After a couple of years at the studio, making notes of every lighting set-up I saw, testing them out then learning how to do each one myself, I left to work all over the world as a freelance photographer’s assistant. I’ve left bags of exposed film on mountain top churchyards in Greece, dropped cameras into swimming pools in LA, and totalled digital backs in the Moroccan desert. Amazingly, I lasted 5 or 6 years as an assistant, to some of the very best photographers in the business too. How’d that happen?

Soon I started shooting fashion for magazines and advertising clients, many of them that I’d first met when working at the studios, or as an assistant. Luckily, I hired great assistants myself. Ones who didn’t leave too many cameras or tripods sitting in cabs when flying back from NYC. Or entire bags of equipment in hire cars at airport car parks. You know who you are…
Here’s some more professionally written info. Excuse the ‘third person’ waffle below; It’s like that because it was, well, written by a third person…

Paul’s career began in London as a studio assistant at the biggest fashion photography studio in London. After two years, he became a freelance assistant to leading fashion photographers such as Bruce Weber, Norman Watson and Platon, and has been working in the fashion industry both in the UK and abroad ever since. Paul’s client list includes the Telegraph and Guardian newspapers, Marks & Spencer, Marie-Claire, Company, New Woman, Essentials, Telstar Records, Liz Claiborn, FHM, Pilot, Faith Shoes, Wedding Magazine, Perfect Weddings, as well as many celebrities including Christina Aguilera, Girls Aloud and Simon Cowell. Paul has almost 20 years of experience shooting fashion and celebrities all over the world. He’s passionate about improving the skills of others by passing his knowledge on to photographers with the desire and drive to better their skills and their pictures.


Photograph: Beatrice White aged 5 & a bit