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11th March 2015


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Well, that depends totally on your level of understanding flash right now. If you know nothing (like I did when I first walked into a studio) then you'll learn the basics in lightning quick time, no pun intended. The way the day is structured means that we can be as simple or as *cough* flash as we like. Learning how to light is a never-ending process. I've been in studios for 20 years and I still learn new stuff every day. The basics are very simple, and then the rest really depends on how much time you have to put your new knowledge into practice when you get home, and of course how much gear you have. For example, I can teach you how to do a flawless white background with beautiful crisp edges to the subject, but you probably (or hopefully!) don't have much call for white background these days. 

I can show you how to compliment the daylight in a shot, or to accentuate certain face and body shapes, how to make 'daylight' out of nothing or how to make even the smallest amount of light look like a magazine spread. How? Well I've been shooting for magazines and advertising campaigns for years. In studio and on location all over the world for everyone from Marie-Claire to M&S. I've had to make the best out of whatever lighting situation I've found myself, in which is probably where you find yourself on every shoot you do, right?

The workshops are designed for any serious photographer who wants to improve how they use light.  Learning to use the light you have available to you is one of the most important aspects of being a successful photographer. It's also the one thing that really separates the Pros from the Amateurs. 

By learning to use flash and daylight properly, you'll learn skills that will help you using speed lights, video light or whatever your chosen source of light may be. You'll be shown how to get the best out of the people in front of your camera, how to pose them naturally, all the time enjoying the experience and having fun. Whether you shoot weddings or portraits, these new skills will help you create beautiful images for your clients.  The skills you'll learn are totally transferrable and can be used in a studio,  an indoor location, or outside. 

Learn the secrets of wedding, portrait and fashion photography in our exclusive hands-on workshops.

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